About me (Chris Garrison) Titusville, Florida

Hi welcome to my site.

I started this website because bicycle touring has brought me so much joy. I hope to share that joy with others. I also enjoy tinkering and I want to share the knowledge I have gained building and maintaining touring bicycles.

My wife and I both have Surly Long Haul Disc Truckers which I have built from the frame up. We have done long distance (fully contained) touring and have a good sense of what works on the road and what doesn’t.

I enjoy the challenge of doing something new and I embrace the idea of “never stop learning”. That’s how I got into wheel building. I had a “warm shower.org” guest and he was showing me his German SON front dyno hub. I said that I had considered building my own wheels. His response was that “wheel building was done by professionals” and that I shouldn’t attempt something I wasn’t familiar with. Well, that was just what I needed. Following that discussion I began intense research on wheel building. I watched videos, read online wheel building books and finally contacted Peter White (well known wheel builder). I asked Peter if he could help me select components. I’ll never forget his comment that “you’ll be fine, just take your time”. Well, I’ve built many wheels since that and I’m glad I gave it a try.

My hopes with this website is to find the person who wants to step out there and build his/her own bike. He may not fully have the skill or knowledge, but he has the desire!

Well, all I have to say is “you’ll be fine, just take your time”!



  • Sam

    This is awesome thanks

  • Chris:

    I ordered the steering lock for my Disc Trucker. Thanks for the information on your site.

    My wife and I just completed riding the Carretera Austral in southern Chile. It was quite the ride. You can see us on ‘crazyguyonabike’.

    Thanks again

    Alan Williams

    Vancouver, Canada

    • Chris Garrison

      Hi Alan,
      I hope you enjoy the Lock-link. If so, please write a review on crazyguyonabike, under the “latest review forum”. I’ve had a lot of people email me and tell me how much they like it and it would be nice to see it public. Let me know if you have any questions.
      I’ll look up your journal on CGOAB.
      Thanks and happy touring,

  • Guy Madison

    I was in the bike store the other day and they said they could have a LHT there the next day, but I would have to wait 3 weeks for the build… because I couldn’t build it. I asked why? “because it was too complicated”, I was kind of insulted, I can tear down just about anything and / or put it back together.

    Not sure what they meant. I am not the type of person that runs to the bike shop to put a bell on.

    So the other question is, did you build it because you wanted to choose your own components? Or did you want to save money somehow?

    I tried the 58 cm out and it rubbed pretty hard down below but I have short legs and a long torso and I want to reduce the strain on my hands, have you tried the 56 cm out with the 26″ wheels?

    • Chris Garrison

      Hi Guy,
      I built my own touring bike because I wanted to be familiar with everything on it. The bonus was that I got to pick out my own components.
      Amusingly, I started building wheels because someone told me that only experts can build wheels. I took that as a challenge and currently my wheels have over 17K miles on them and they still run true.
      As for sizing, just make sure you can stand over the frame with at least 1/2″ of clearance (flat footed on level ground). Your longer torso can be accommodated with seat position and handlebar stem selection.
      Happy touring,

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