Frame clean up after powder coating

Frame Clean up following powder coat:

Take some time and look the frame over for any large build ups of paint. Confirm the fork section only has paint in the area shown below. If there is paint on the stepped diameter of the fork tube it will need to be sanded off to allow the fork crown race to be pressed into place.


Use a hex driver and turn the M5 x 0.8 screws to break the paint bond. The screw hex may have a build up of paint. If so, don’t worry, just swap them out with new stainless steel screws obtained from local hardware store. By the way it’s a great idea to have a nice assortment of different length M5 x 0.8 screws.


Use a tap to chase out any threaded holes that did not get fasteners installed during the powder coat. The rear derailleur threaded hole requires a M10 x 1.0 tap. While the remaining holes will use a M5 x 0.8 tap. Take you time starting the tap and be careful to not cross thread the holes.


It’s not uncommon to have a built up ridge of paint around the bottom bracket tube. Use sandpaper and gently work the ridge till it is flat across the opening.



Use sandpaper to cleanup any paint inside the head tube and the seat tube openings.





Use a Dremel tool with a small wire wheel to cleanup any overspray on the threads inside the bottom back (if any).


The final result should look like this with clean threads.




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