Front Derailleur cable installation

Front Derailleur cable installation

Lubricate the front derailleur cable using the same method in previous (Rear Derailleur cable installation page) method using Tri-Flow lubricant on a rag.

Install the remaining long cable housing onto the cable and slide it all the way to the shifter.


Thread the cable through the shift adjuster on the lefthand side of the frame.


Thread the cable through the plastic guide under the bottom bracket (sorry for the crappy picture)


Thread the cable up and around the bell crank as shown below. Pay close attention to the little tabs and make sure the cable goes beneath them.


Thread the cable under the securing plate/ bolt.


At this point the orange fixture block should be removed from the derailleur (if not already removed) and you should be able to sight down from atop the derailleur and see the high gear (small sprocket) between the derailleur cage. We want to adjust the stop screw so the chainring sprocket is center between the sides of the derailleur cage. adjust the stop screw until the cage is center as follows.


Confirm the front shifter is set to the highest gear (smallest chainring sprocket). You can confirm this, the red shift indicator should be to the right most setting. See photo below.


Now pull tension on the end of the shift cable and tighten the derailleur cable clamp bolt.


Now use the shifter and shift into the lowest gear (largest chainring sprocket). Confirm the large sprocket is centered between the edges of the derailleur cage.


Trim the end of the cable about 1.5 inches long and install the aluminum ferrel by crimping with a pair of pliers.

***insert pic here of trimmed cable with ferrel***

Proceed to Chain sizing and installation

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