Front & Rear Derailleur Installation

Front Derailleur Installation:

The front derailleur comes with two sets of shims for bicycles with different size down tubes. We will be using the thick shims.

Note: there is a red temporary spacer block installed that holds the cage in it’s outer most position. It gets removed after the derailleur cable is connected.


Remove the double back tape from the shims and install them as shown below.


Apply some grease to the derailleur clamp screw.


Loosely position clamp around the down tube.


Align the crank sprocket teeth to the red tape silhouette.


While maintaining the teeth alignment with the silhouette, twist derailleur to align the cage parallel to the sprocket face.


Tighten the derailleur clamp screw to 5-7Nm of torque. If you don’t have a torque wrench, be careful. Excessive clamp force can distort the down tube. The best way to gauge the torque is to tighten to the point where you can no longer twist the derailleur on the down tube and then maybe a half turn tighter.


Rear Derailleur Installation:

Note the lip under the threaded derailleur hole. It will be used to index the derailleur.


Note the pin that sticks out on the derailleur. It will line up with the lip on the frame.


Apply some grease to the derailleur bolt threads and install the assembly onto the frame.

Note: Rotate the assembly where the pin engages the lip (from above). You will need to maintain this while tightening the bolt.


Tighten the derailleur bolt to xx Nm of torque.


Excellent Job! You now have both derailleurs installed!

Proceed to Seat and seat post installation

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