Handlebar buildup 1

Handlebar Buildup

The handlebars generally come in an oversized length and can be cut down to your preferred size. I suggest testing different bikes at your local bike store and when you find what feels comfortable, measure the overall length.

Another method is to just grab the bars and see where you hands naturally feel most comfortable.

Nonetheless, once you’ve determined the overall length, use a pipe cutter to cut the end material off.

Note: You can use a hacksaw to cut the ends, however it’s difficult to get a straight cut


I find putting the handlebar end in the vise assists in holding things still while turning the pipe cutter.


Once you cut one end off, use the cutoff material to mark the other side so it will be symmetrical.


Use a file and remove the sharp edges (inside and out) of the handlebar ends.


Confirm the stem is installed on the fork tube. (It should be, we temporarily installed it to hold the fork from falling out)

Note: we will install the stem (fork tube) spacers later when we adjust the handlebar height to fit you.


Install the handlebar into the stem (centered) as shown below. Do not over tighten the screws, just enough to hold the bar from turning. Again, we will tighten and secure these during final adjustments.

IMG_0880 image

I use a handlebar holder to keep the bars from swiveling around. Another option is to tie the fork ends back to the frame. Either way, try to lock the handlebars from turning. It will save you a lot of frustration.


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