Handlebar buildup 2

Handlebar buildup 2

Install the shifters onto the handlebars. Confirm the 9-speed shifter is on the right and the 3-speed is on the left. Caution not to scratch the handlebar by sliding the shifter around.

Coil the shift cables up with a ty-wrap to keep them clean and tidy.


Install the brake levers next. Notice how shifters and the brake levers nest together.


Install the grips as shown. It should slide easily onto the handlebar.


Press the grip-end onto the grip. You should hear/feel a click when it seats.


Twist/tap the grip assembly so it is fully inserted onto the handle bar. Note the bar end in the photo below. It is fully inserted.


Position grips and grip-ends to a temporary acceptable location. Tighten the screw at the bottom of the grip temporarily. We will return to this during final adjustments. For now, just tighten the screw enough that the grip doesn’t rotate.

Insert the handlebar end cover into place. Note it has a key on it that fits in the gap. Use a rubber mallet to fully seat the cover.


Rotate the shifters and brake levers to a good angle. Let them butt up against the grip. Temporarily tighten the screw to keep them from rotating. Again, we will secure these during final adjustments.

IMG_0900 image


Proceed to Disc brake caliper installation

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