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There’s nothing worse than a fully loaded touring bike with floppy handlebars. Accessing front panniers while fighting the rotation is frustrating. Equally disappointing is when you find that perfect balance and then you walk away, the seconds later the handlebars swivel and the newly shifted center of gravity makes the entire bike fall over.

Well, here’s my little solution to this frustration. It utilizes existing braze-ons (threaded holes on the frame and the fork). On the fork I mounted a swivel and on the other end of the link is a quick-release. These parts are stainless steel and are tough. I used threaded rod to connect the ends and covered the threaded rod with aluminum tubing to give it a nice appearance. A clip is attached to the fork to allow you to stow the link while riding.

If you are interested I sell a build it yourself kit (with instructions) that include all the necessary components to build this link yourself. The kit incudes:

  • Ball swivel
  • QD connector
  • Threaded rod (oversized length)
  • Aluminum tube (oversized length)
  • Stainless jam nuts
  • Clip for fork
  • Access to instruction page below

Kit cost $39 + shipping

(click here for eBay ad)

Instruction Page



  • Paul Sintoni

    My Long Haul Trucker does not have the threaded post on the fork for this Lock-Link. Do you have a method to install it without the threaded post. I will be biking 1800 mile in the spring with approximately 70 lbs and from past experience this would be a great replacement for the Velcro strap I’m using now. I believe the LHT is about 5 or 6 years old.

    • Chris Garrison

      Hi Paul,
      I understand the older fork tubes don’t have the braze-on. I would not feel very comfortable install the link on a clamp (on the fork tube). However, I use the Surly front rack and that would be a location to attach the link.
      Let me look at it for awhile and I’ll respond if I see a good way of attachment.
      The only other option would be to buy a replacement fork from Surly. They sell them separately.

  • Sojourner-Love

    Hi Chris.
    This is an amazing website, and your Lock-Link is quite a clever gadget.

    Does it matter which side the Lock Link installed on the fork?

    Thanks & happy riding!

    • Chris Garrison

      Glad to hear you like the website.
      The lock-link can be installed on either side of the bike.

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