Seat and seatpost install

Seat and seat post installation:

Unpackaged the seat and seatpost. If you don’t have a seat preference, I suggest a Terry Liberator Y seat. It’s a comfortable seat and has a perfect balance of soft versus firmness.


Locate the seat post clamp (removed during frame preparation) apply a thin layer of grease to the bolt threads.

Note there is a circular ridge inside the clamp and this ridge will sit on top of the seat post tube on the frame.


Temporarily install the seat post tube into the frame. Don’t insert it past the “max extension” line yet. This will prevent scratching of the tube prior to adjusting the correct height. We will lower the seat post when setting up the final adjustments.


Install the seat atop the seat post and temporarily set the forward/aft position in the middle. We will address this positioning in the final adjustments.


Seat and seat post install complete!IMG_0807

Proceed to shifter cable adjuster install

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