Shifter cable adjuster install

Shifter cable adjuster install

The shifter cable adjuster/stops are not included with the Surly frame. I suggest purchasing the Shimano stops shown below. My preference is to have them black so they don’t stand out too much. I’ll take this opportunity to walk you through the steps to get a good spray can paint job.

IMG_0864 IMG_0865

Begin with light sanding of the aluminum housing using 600 grit sand paper. All you need is a roughed up surface for the paint to adhere to. Lightly sand the heads of the screws also.


Use isopropyl alcohol and a rag to remove any oils or dirt.


Once clean, place adjusters on a piece of wire so you can paint all the sides at once. Similarly, insert screws into a scrap piece of cardboard to act as a holder.

I recommend a quality Krylon paint similar to shown below. This particular blend doesn’t require primer.

IMG_0868 IMG_0869

Apply the first coat very thin. Think of it as “dusting” the parts. You should just see a fine mist of paint on the parts. See examples below:

IMG_0871b IMG_0870

Wait about 15 minutes for the first coat to dry. Then apply another coat. This second coat can go on a little thicker.

Allow the second coat to dry for 15-20 minutes and then apply the final coat.


Use a M5 x 0.8 tap and clean out the threads on the bike frame fittings.


Once the adapters paint is dry (3-4 hours). Install them with screws as follows.

Note the adjuster piece faces toward the front of the bicycle.



Proceed to Headset installation







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