Steering Lock-Link Instructions

Steering Lock-link Instructions

Remove fasteners from bike frame and fork. I suggest the left hand side of bike because it’s where you commonly mount and dismount the bicycle.


Install the ball stud in shift housing threaded hole on the bike frame. Note this is the quick-connect fitting.

Install the swivel ball fitting in fork frame braze-on threaded hole.

Note: use Loctite on the threads



Install the QD fitting onto the ball stud and then measure distance between the two fittings

Add 1” to the dimension and cut all-thread (use file to clean up leading thread)


Install all-thread into swivel, add jam nuts and thread on QD fitting. Clock QD fitting to mate with ball stud.

Measure distance between jam nuts.

Cut/ aluminum tube to measured dimension.



Reassemble entire link with aluminum tube and confirm overall length.


Mix JB Weld. Disassemble link and apply thin layer of epoxy to each area where there is a threaded connection

IMG_0665 IMG_0666

Tighten jam nuts where aluminum tube does not spin

Thread QD fitting and clock the fitting to receive the ball fitting on the frame.

Let dry overnight.


Install link stow snap onto the fork using double back tape and ty-wrap.



Enjoy the steering lock link!


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