Below are tools that I recommend. Please note that there are many ways to get by without these, however if you want to make the investment, having these tools will make the job quick and easy.

I recommend buying a few items at a time.

Click on the link under manufacturer part number to Amazon link. These are the best prices I have found.

Item Manufacturer Manufacturer part number
Bike stand (Deluxe home) Park Tool PCS-4-2
Hex Driver Set Park Tool PH-1
Metric Wrench Park Tool MW-SET-2
Adjustable Wrench Park Tool PAW-12
Screw Driver Set Park Tool SD-SET
Needle Nose Pliers Park Tool NP-6
Side-Cut Pliers Park Tool SP-7
Steel cable cutter Park Tool CN-10
Hammer Park Tool HMR-4
Hack saw Park Tool SAW-1
Hack saw guide Park Tool SG-6
Torque Wrench Park Tool TW-5
Sockets and Bits Park Tool SBS-1
Tap M5X0.8 (frame) Park Tool TAP-8
Tap M10X1 (derailleur) Park Tool TAP-10
Tap handle Park Tool TH-1
Handle bar holder Park Tool HBH-2
Crank tool Park Tool BBT-9
Grease PolyLube Park Tool PPL-2
Spoke wrench Park Tool SW-0
Nipple Driver tool Park Tool ND-1
Dish tool Park Tool WAG-4
Wheelstand Park Tool TS-2.2
Spoke Tension guage Park Tool TM-1
Dremel Tool Dremel Model 4000
Spoke Prep WheelSmith Blue